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Founded in 2017, but with more than 7 years of production experience, CAP Casa Mare is one of the largest producers and suppliers in Moldova of semi-finished products and ready meals for both the HoReCa and retail segments. CAP Casa Mare helped to optimize the processes in the kitchen of numerous restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc.

We perform quality control at all stages of production. The complete production cycle guarantees the quality, safety and stable taste properties of the products with each delivery.
We provide stable food supply to customers in all regions of the country. Our own logistics company is an important element of our business model, so we always deliver as many products as you ordered.
We deliver the goods on time and in full anywhere in the country. Thanks to our own logistics, we comply with strict requirements for the transport and storage of products at low temperatures.
It's very easy to get started

CAP "CASA MARE" is a public complex productions that has confidently positioned itself as the main local supplier for the HoReCa field as well as for retail.

We'll set up supplies and help you develop your business

CAP Casa Mare is an expert in the production, preparation and sale of semi-finished products and ready-made dishes for the HoReCa segment. By working with us, our partners receive both high-quality products and advanced expertise in developing and preparing a diverse range of food. We offer excellent opportunities for the development of all business areas in the catering industry.

1) We will help you create or update your menu

2) We will teach your staff to cook and sell products

3) Flexible prices depending on the season and even the cultural and geographical characteristics of the region where you work.

4) We'll provide loyalty programs for you and your employees

5) We assist in payment matters

6) We will quickly deliver the quantity of products requested under optimal terms for your company.

Commercial offer

You can download the CAP “Casa Mare” offer in .pdf format or view it directly online. For any commercial request, you can contact us by phone number or email.

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